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Suggested 2009 Feature Story Pics


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NHL Alumni Dennis Maruk, Mark Napier, Jack Valiquette, Lou Franceschetti and Gary Leeman (in red NHL Alumni jerseys) and the Team Bravehearts of Glory (in kilts) with volunteers, official Dan McConnell and score keeper Dawn Harbinson.

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Pond hockey teams excite crowds to some 4 on 4 action on the shores of Dawson City, Yukon. Credit: Hockey Hall of Fame

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Early day pond hockey. Credit: Hockey Hall of Fame

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Kevin Culhane Captain, 2008 and 2007, Source for Sports Canadian National Pond Hockey Champions

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Scott Thornton who retired last season from LA will play on Scandinave Crew in the Source for Sports Canadian National Pond Hockey 35+ Masters division with long time NHL team mate Vinny Damphousse, as well as his brother and other buddies

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Like granddad, like father, like son. Scott Thornton, his son Nash, and Nash's granddad, get in some pond hockey time at the cottage

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Kevin Culhane in his youth on the pond, an activity that turned into a lfe-long passion. At right, Culhane is battling for possession at the Canadian Nationals. Culhane and his team now compete in more pond hockey events than regular hockey tournaments.

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Deerhurst Resort's Sunset Bay will be transformed into six acres of pond hockey rinks for the 2009 Source For Sports Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships.

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The James Pond Girls from Brampton, entered in the 2009 Women's Recreationals, personify the spirit of the fun in the world's largest pond hockey event.

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The Maple Cups carved out of a Canadian Maple from Ontario's far north. Hoisting the full-size Maple cup on Sunset Bay, and taking home a replica for the rec room trophy case, is something hockey players from all backgrounds aspire to achieve.

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Scandanave Crew team members from l to r Scott Thornton, Daran Moxam, Grant Cooper, Rob Cederberg, Perry Thornton and Vincent Damphousse.

2009 Source for Sports Western Regional Pond Hockey Championships


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Puck Drop with: Greg Granstrom, Mayor, City of Rossland Dieter Bogs, Mayor, City of Trail along with players from Mother Puckers and Screaming Pylons

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MOTHER PUCKERS of Rossland- Captain, Darcee O'Hearn

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FLYING STEAMSHOVEL SCREAMIN' PYLONS of Rossland/Trai - Captain Frances Cameron

Building the Ice

The ice makers have been working every morning and night to get the surface in pristine condition for the 2009 Source for Sports Canadian National Pond Hockey Championship.


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2008 Men's Champions

Barrie Theta TTS Bruins
2008 Source For Sports Canadian National Pond Hockey Men's Open Champions
Photo -- Top: Paul Myerscough and Jeff Oestreicher; Bottom: Lincoln Dolbear, Kevin Culhane, Ken Pagan


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2007 Candian National Pond Hockey Champions


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2007 Men's Champions: Barrie Theta TTS Bruins

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2007 Women's Champions: Rink Rake Rinkles

2006 Champions witness thier trophies entering the Hockey Hall of Fame

Men's and Women's 2006 Source For Sports Canadain National Pond Hockey Champions (from left to right): Jodie Foster, Andrea Lynch, Neil Cain, Mike Van Volsen, Joe Van Volsen, Caroline Hill, Justin Cardwell, Michelle Fauteux. Front: Kathleen O’Reilly.


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Action Photo Archive: Past Events

A collection of pictures from the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships. These amazing pictures span the whole 3-day event and display the commrodrie, team efforts and competitive games that were played by all of the 130 teams involved.

Photo credits: Stefanie and Karla Gerke


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A Canadian Winter - Pond Hockey Style

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The Championship Game

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Bryan Trottier joins in the fun on his team the Yamaha Grizzlies

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Deerhurst Resort against the Swamp Donkeys

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A Competitve Game between Sponsor Teams

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Nutro Ultras vs the Rink Rake Grey Beards

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Teams Gather at Opening Ceremonies

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Players Relax after their Games

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A Competitive Game

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Hamilton's Steamrollers Play Hard

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Volunteers Band Together to Shovel, Shovel, Shovel

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The Dirty Skirts take a moment for the Media

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TSN Cameraman Peter Ventura suits up for another day at Pond Hockey

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Paul La Vigne, Director of Marketing for Source For Sports

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Executive Director Neil Lumsden wishes a Concordia Rinkle good luck in the championship game

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The Barrie Theta TTS Bruins - from left to right, are Paul Myerscough, Jeff Oestricher, Kevin Culhane, Ken Pagan, Lincoln Dolbear